Parallel operation OR synchronization of Generator

Connecting generators in parallel increases the power capacity, control in load management, ease of maintenance, and redundancy. The process involves the physical connection of two or more electric generators, and the synchronization of their outputs. The synchronization matches the waveform of the output voltage of one generator with the voltage waveform of the other generator…

soalr calculation

How to calculate solar panel watts for our home Electrical appliances

Solar panel : Today we are going to  discussing about How much Watts Solar Panel will be Suitable for Home Electrical appliances? We can find it by very easy and simple example and explanation. Suppose we want to power up 6 lights of 15 Watts and we need to use these 6 lights for 4 hours every day….


Difference between Neutral, Earthing and Grounding

The Main difference between Neutral, Ground and Earth? ‪To understand the difference between Neutral, Ground and Earth, we must understand the need of these things first. Neutral Neutral is return path for an AC circuit which is supposed to carry current in normal condition. This current may be because of many reasons, primarily because of…

terminal connection

How to do Motor terminal connection

This part is very important to ensure our electric motor installation is done perfectly and running properly.If we wrong setting for voltage value connection for induction motor,it can cause serious damage. But dont worry,this time i explain detail how to determine a motor terminal connection for suitable with our power supply.The key is motor nameplate.We…


IS Standards for Electrical Equipments

Standard Makes for Electrical Equipments: First we have to study about IS  standards for electrical equipments. so we can see all electrical equipments standards one by one.   Sr. No. Item IS No. Makes 1 Transformer IS: 2026/1977 Crompton Greaves, NGEF, Kirloskar, BHEL, Andrewyule, Bharat Bijlee, Alsthom, ABB, Voltamp, Siemens, GEC, Voltas, TELK 2 11 kV/HT…


Difference between ELCB AND RCCB

First we want to know what is ELCB and RCCB then only we can easily find out the difference between ELCB and RCCB. You can also read difference between MCB and MCCB ELCB: ELCB is termed as earth leakage circuit breaker. and further more about ELCB we can see below, Phase (line), Neutral and Earth…

Motor current

How to calculate Motor current from HP

Horsepower is a measure of power, and voltage measures the amount of energy carried in a circuit. Current, measured in amps, represents how fast the energy moves through a circuit. For example, you might use horsepower and voltage to find the current in a motor. In order to calculate the current from the horsepower and…

winding resistance

Motor current calculation using Winding resistance

Motor current calculation: The relationship between current (measured in amperes), resistance (measured in ohms) and voltage is found in one of the basic laws of electricity and electronics: Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s Law says that current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. This means that, if we know the resistance of a…

induction motor working principle

Difference between resistence and capacitance start induction motors

RESISTANCE-START INDUCTION- RUN AND CAPACITOR-START INDUCTION-RUN MOTORS Resistance-start induction-run and capacitor-start induction-run motors are very similar in construction. The stator winding of both motors contains both a start winding and a run winding. The start winding is made of smaller wire and placed higher in the metal core material than the run winding.                                            …


Motor Operated Valve- MOV

Motor operated valve Motor Operated Valve (MOV) is an important item of Plant & Piping system. These valves are generally of large size and are used for different applications such as Pump discharge etc. Motor Operated Valves are often called as On-Off valves as the motors serve the purpose of fully opening or fully closing…

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