frequency difference

Difference between 50Hz and 60Hz frequency

50Hz vs 60Hz in operating speed The primary difference between 50 Hz (Hertz) and 60 Hz (Hertz) is, well, 60Hz is 20% higher in frequency. For a generator or induction motor pump (in simple terms) it means 1500/3000 RPM or 1800/3600 RPM (for 60Hz). Lower the frequency will be the iron losses and eddy current…

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frequency converter

How to convert 60Hz to 50Hz frequency

What is 50Hz, 60Hz? Alternating current (AC) is changing the direction of the current periodically; Cycle is the time of a cyclical change of the current; Frequency is the times of the current changes per second, unit Hertz (Hz). AC current direction changes 50 or 60 cycles per second, in accordance with 100 or 120…

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generator failure

The main causes of voltage drop in generator

Generator voltage drop causes: 1). Load applied to generator exceeds capacity, typically would cause machine to slow down, drop frequency and voltage typically cause exhaust black stacking and depending on the overload and protection settings could cause machine to stall. 2). AVR Voltage gain set too low to respond to load being applied. 3). If…

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Difference between Statically induced e.m.f and Dynamically induced e.m.f

Induced e.m.f: Generally induced e.m.f is two types , i) Dynamically induced e.m.f ii) statically induced e.m.f   Dynamically induced e.m.f:- We can see from the figure that a conductor A is lied within a uniform magnetic field whose flux density is a uniform magnetic field . and the flux density is B wb 3….

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rsistance start motor

Classification of Electrical Motors

Do you know how many types of electrical motors are there? Read to know about these motors which are commonly used in households as well as different industries Classification Based On Principle Of Operation: (a) Synchronous Motors. 1. Plain 2. Super (b) Asynchronous Motors. 1. Induction Motors: (a) Squirrel Cage (b) Slip-Ring (external resistance). 2….

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Collecting Oil Sample from Oil Immersed Transformer

Process of Collecting Oil from Oil Immersed Electrical Equipment Like Transformer. We collect oil sample for performing different tests on the oil to determine different physical, chemical and electrical characteristics of the oil. The sample is the representative of the oil inside the equipment. That is why, we take special care during collecting oil sample…

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