How To Connect UPS & Inverter to Battery and To AC Supply

Nowadays in some countries load shedding is a big problem like India. And these countries peoples use UPS / Inverter for emergency electric supply to use his electrical equipment’s. For ups inverter we connect the a DC battery which provide us backup. Inverter ups battery connection diagram and it’s connection method is two simple and easy,…

what is electric car and how electric car working

what is Electric car – how electric car working: in the modern world most advanced technique used to made this electric vehicles. mostly electric car working by electrical motor instead of mechanical engine. the electric car main running source is battery. main advantage of electric car is high performance, no noise, no pollution to environment,…

Electrical learning videos

how to choose inverter for home how to calculate solar panel watts to connect solar power system to home to calculate battery charging current and charging time electrical basic components

How to Make Party String Lights using Solar power

Here we will see how to make solar power based party lights using some basic electrical components. Learn additional during this easy-to-understand article concerning the way to create your own easy star hopped-up string lights. Solar cells: expose them to daylight or of course any lightweight and that they begin manufacturing electricity nearly out of thin air….

Generate three phase power by 3 single phase generators?

How to run 3 phase generator with single phase supply: Many installation sites want power for construction activities. once the positioning not massive all construction equipment’s area unit supercharged with single part offer. Such single part weight unit sets could also be offered. website gets single part offer from utilities for construction. a brand new…

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