Avoid Winter Electrical Hazards

Avoid Winter Electrical Hazards

Generally we all are know most of the people like winter season compared to summer. because of the winter season we feel snow and cooling climates. during that winter season most of us we use electrical heaters and electric blankets and electric heating lights to protect from cooling climate. most of the electrical accident and fault happen in winter season only.

electrical hazards


How Electrical fault happen:

Normally electrical fault or electrical accident happen during the winter season. the choosing of electric heater is major chance for electric fault .

  1. doing over load your home sockets
  2.  choosing of heater rating higher then power socket.
  3. continuous running of heavy load will cause the heating of equipment
  4. heavy heating light continuous running also make electrical fault

How to avoid winter electrical hazards:

The safety electrical team will recommended some procedures to protect the human life from electrical hazards. that procedures are given below,

  1. Always selecting heater with good quality ones
  2. Don’t connect heater to portable cockets
  3. Always choosing of power socket ratings is higher then heater ratings
  4. don’t run the heater continuously
  5. don’t connect other loads in the same socket in the electric heater.
  6. you should understand the working and operation of electric heater to control the abnormal conditions.

General safety of electrical hazardous:

we should follow the general electrical safety tips to protect our human life from electrical hazardous.

  1. always using proper socket for power supply.
  2. don’t use portable socket for high rating loads.
  3. don’t use temporary jointed cable power supply to any loads.
  4. always should use minimum one elcb for your distribution boards.
  5. at least should check earthing test for your home once in a year.
  6. for installing new cable or new supply to your home don’t do your self ask electrician to do because loose contact will cause for fire.


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