current transformer testing

Testing of current transformer

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyCurrent transformers are generally used to measure currents of high magnitude. These transformers step down the current to be measured, so that it can be measured with a normal range ammeter. A Current transformer has only one or very few number of primary turns. The primary winding may be just a conductor or a…

basic electrical

Basic Electrical interview Questions & Answers

Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology1.What  is  electricity ? Ans : Electricity is a general term used for all phenomena caused by electric charge whether static or in motion. 2.What are the types of electricity ? Ans : There are two types,(1) static Electricity and (2) Current Electricity. 3.What is static electricity ? Ans : Static electricity means electricity…

power transformer

Maintenance of power transformer

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyPower Transformer Transformer is the heart of any power system. Hence preventive maintenance is always cost effective and time saving. Any failure to the transformer can extremely affect the whole functioning of the organization. Important components in power transformer to consider for preventive maintenance: The best way of protecting a transformer is to have…

Why electrical equipment’s rated in KVA not in KW

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyThe ratings of all electrical equipment’s are all rated in KVA or Kilo Volt Amp. But the practical use is in KW. We can say it also that electrical equipment’s are rated in apparent power (KVA or VA) other then active power (KW or W). Electrical equipment’s rated in KVA- the main reason  Electrical…

alternator alignment

How to Do Alternator alignment with prime mover

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyAlternator alignment with the prime mover is very important. With a little misalignment there will be severe vibration that will cause mechanical breakdown of structure. The alignment is needed for both to machines with either flexible or rigid couplings. Alignment procedure for machines  The alignment procedure is different for machines from different manufacturer. It…


Periodic inspection & diagnostics of transformer

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyTransformer is a static device, thus it requires less attention but with proper Periodic inspection & diagnostics of transformer it would be possible to avoid the unwanted break down & frequent interval of schedule maintenance. As transformer is the heart of power network, the maximum availability of it and also to meet the full…

sag calculation

Sag calculation in overhead line

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyCalculation of Sag: The sag & tension of conductor may be calculated in the following condition:- a) When the supports are at equal levels. b) When the supports are at unequal levels. i) Sag calculation when supports are at equal levels: Lets, A conductor is in the two equal level supports A and B….


What is GFCI and what is the use in electrical field?

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyGround Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) At home or outside, there is no way can we do without electricity and electrical devices. These are the indispensable necessities of our modern day lives. But sometimes their accidental “touch” can give a painful shock resulting in serious injuries which at times, sadly enough can have fatal consequences….

inverter connection

How To Connect UPS & Inverter to Battery and To AC Supply

Electrical Technology

Electrical TechnologyNowadays in some countries load shedding is a big problem like India. And these countries peoples use UPS / Inverter for emergency electric supply to use his electrical equipment’s. For ups inverter we connect the a DC battery which provide us backup. Inverter ups battery connection diagram and it’s connection method is two simple and…

DB wiring diagram

Single phase wiring diagram for home

Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology   Distribution board wiring It is very important for controlling the E wiring. For this post i designed a diagram about distribution wiring, we can called this circuit breaker or controlling fuse box. In the diagram is shown the method of wiring distribution main board form utility pole to Energy meter and then DP circuit…

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