what is electric car and how electric car working

what is Electric car – how electric car working: in the modern world most advanced technique used to made this electric vehicles. mostly electric car working by electrical motor instead of mechanical engine. the electric car main running source is battery. main advantage of electric car is high performance, no noise, no pollution to environment,…

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How to connect DC battery charger in industrial

DC battery charger First of all we should know dc battery charger or DC UPS both are same. The function of DC battery charger is to convert AC main supply into DC supply  and send to dc load  and also its store the dc supply into battery bank and whenever main supply is failed then…


How to do Relay settings

Relay Settings : here we can see about what is relay and how to do relay settings. Relay is a device used to protect the equipment from damage during the abnormal or faulty conditions. usually relays having two coil supply A1 and A2, two NO and NC contacts, and common supply contacts. working: whenever the coil…

high voltage switchgear

High Voltage Switchgear

High Voltage Switchgear we all are know the electrical voltages are classified into 3 types. low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage. the voltages from 0 to 1000v its called low voltage and voltage from 1000v to 36000v its called medium voltage and above 36000 volt its called high voltage. for handling this high voltage…

medium voltage switchgear

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Medium  Voltage Switchgear: Generally the voltages range from 1KV to 36 KV its called medium voltages. for handling these medium voltages we used medium voltage switchgear. medium voltage switchgear also having the combination of outgoing feeder, control switch , disconnect fuses, auto/remote controls, protection relays, and circuit breakers for protecting safe ON/OFF operations. Mostly  for…

high voltage switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear or LV Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear we all are know voltage range from 0 to 1000v its called low voltage. these low voltage can be handled by low voltage switchgear. the low voltage switchgear consists of feeders, incomers, disconnect fuses , protection relays and ON/OFF control switches. and the handling of low voltages in switchgear will be safely…


Alternator basic characteristics- what we needs to know.

Alternator Rating: Generally the alternator are nothing but AC generator. so the alternators are producing AC voltages. normally alternator rating voltage ,current, frequency and speed  all are designed by manufacturer. but the power factor of alternator can not be designed by manufacturer because they don’t know the nature of connecting load . that’s why alternator…

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How to Make Party String Lights using Solar power

Here we will see how to make solar power based party lights using some basic electrical components. Learn additional during this easy-to-understand article concerning the way to create your own easy star hopped-up string lights. Solar cells: expose them to daylight or of course any lightweight and that they begin manufacturing electricity nearly out of thin air….


Generate three phase power by 3 single phase generators?

How to run 3 phase generator with single phase supply: Many installation sites want power for construction activities. once the positioning not massive all construction equipment’s area unit supercharged with single part offer. Such single part weight unit sets could also be offered. website gets single part offer from utilities for construction. a brand new…


Why we use 3 phase power supply, not 4/5/6 phase

I’m unsure relating to the social science of multi-phase systems. It looks to American state that for every part added, the full power capability is multiplied by one line-ground voltage times one line current thus there’s no natural less-costly range of phases. , however the rationale for six-phases was that power transfer may be doubled…

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