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How to connect DC battery charger in industrial

DC battery charger First of all we should know dc battery charger or DC UPS both are same. The function of DC battery charger is to convert AC main supply into DC supply¬† and send to dc load¬† and also its store the dc supply into battery bank and whenever main supply is failed then…

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Why we use 3 phase power supply, not 4/5/6 phase

Single-phase motors have unambiguous rotation (with a capacitor start), and with a center tap neutral, a single-phase system can be balanced. I’m not sure regarding the economics of multi-phase systems. It seems to me that for each phase added, the total power capacity is increased by one line-ground voltage times one line current so there…

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frequency difference

Difference between 50Hz and 60Hz frequency

50Hz vs 60Hz in operating speed The primary difference between 50 Hz (Hertz) and 60 Hz (Hertz) is, well, 60Hz is 20% higher in frequency. For a generator or induction motor pump (in simple terms) it means 1500/3000 RPM or 1800/3600 RPM (for 60Hz). Lower the frequency will be the iron losses and eddy current…

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Collecting Oil Sample from Oil Immersed Transformer

Process of Collecting Oil from Oil Immersed Electrical Equipment Like Transformer. We collect oil sample for performing different tests on the oil to determine different physical, chemical and electrical characteristics of the oil. The sample is the representative of the oil inside the equipment. That is why, we take special care during collecting oil sample…

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soft starter

Difference between DOL, Star Delta, VFD and Soft starter

DOL-Direct on line Starter: here the starting current will be 6 times of full load current. A bimetallic thermal overload relay provides protection against the over load. There will be no reduction of starting torque during starting. Star Delta Starter: In order to limit the starting current of motors this method is followed. Initially motor…

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How to calculate cable size for LT Motors

What is the difference between LT and HT Motors? Well, as the word LT (Low Tension i.e. Low Voltage) and HT (High Tension i.e. High Voltage) or low torque and high torque respectively describe the whole story itself. its also depends on the availability of supply voltage, i.e. in USA and EU, LT Motors ranges…

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types of insulator

Causes of failure of insulator

The causes of the failure of insulator are :-   Cracking of insulator: The main cause of cracking is due the stress produced in the porcelain due to unequal expansion and construction produced in cement, steel and porcelain caused by seasonal heat cold, dryness, and dampness or by heating of the insulator. To avoid such…

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maintenance of transformer

Maintenance of Transformer

A power transformer is most costly and essential equipment of an electrical transformer. So for getting high performance and long functional life of the transformer, it is desired to perform various maintenance activities. Not only that, a power transformer also requires various maintenance actions including measurement and testing of different parameters of the transformer. There…

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vector group test of transformer

Vector Group Test of Power Transformer

Vector Group Test of Transformer The vector group of transformer is an essential property for successful parallel operation of transformers. Hence every electrical power transformer must undergo through vector group test of transformer at factory site for ensuring the customer specified vector group of transformer. The phase sequence or the order in which the phases…

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