Causes of failure of insulator

What is Insulator:

Generally insulator are used to prevent the current flow in the electrical circuit.  the insulator not allow to transfer the supply from one side to another side. here we will see about what are the causes involved in failure of insulator.There are different types of insulators used in electrical field. They are given below,

  1. Pin insulator
  2. Solid post insulator
  3. Suspension insulator
  4. Hollow insulator
  5. Long rod single piece porcelain insulator

Causes of failure of insulator:

There are some  causes of the failure of insulator are there. these are given below,


  1. The main causes of failure of insulator is cracking. the insulator generally consists of three materials. these are main porcelain body , steel arrangement, cement.  due to different  climates hot and winter the porcelain body get expand in different rate. the unusual expansion of porcelain and steel, cement are the major causes of insulator cracking.                                                                              .failure of insulator
  2. The problem with defective of material . if the material is damage or puncture then it will cause the failure of insulator. and more over it can not used for future.
  3. The some porcelain is manufactured with low temperature so it will easily absorb the moisture from the air or cement. so it will cause the failure of insulators.
  4. If the insulator is not properly glazed then air dust will easily deposited in the glass surface which will give the leakage current path to the circuit. and it will cause the failure of insulators.
  5. In case flashover happen the line or metal part  it will create the over heating and result to failure of insulators.
  6. The some times mechanical stress also causes the failure of insulator. for example the over pulling of insulator will make the mechanical stress on the insulator and if the material is already defeated then it will be easily break .
  7. The short circuit also major causes of insulator failure. if the birds are sitting in the line and if the line spaces are less then it will touching with other lines and  it will create arc and  it will produce short circuit. so it  will cause the failure of insulator.


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