Classification of Electrical Motors

Do you know how many types of electrical motors are there? Read to know about these motors which are commonly used in households as well as different industries

Classification Based On Principle Of Operation:

(a) Synchronous Motors.

1. Plain

2. Super

(b) Asynchronous Motors.

1. Induction Motors:

(a) Squirrel Cage

(b) Slip-Ring (external resistance).

2. Commutator Motors:

(a) Series

(b) Compensated

(c) Shunt

(d) Repulsion

(e) Repulsion-start induction

(f) Repulsion induction

  • Classification Based On Type Of Current:

1. Single Phase

2. Three Phase

  • Classification Based On Speed Of Operation:

1. Constant Speed.

2. Variable Speed.

3. Adjustable Speed.

  • Classification Based On Structural Features:

1. Open

2. Enclosed

3. Semi-enclosed

4. Ventilated

5. Pipe-ventilated

6. Riveted frame-eye etc..

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