Classification of Electrical Motors

Electrical Motor:

Generally electrical motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. now a days electrical motors are doing significant role in industrial as well as domestic uses.


Types of Electrical Motor:

there are different types of electric motor in the electrical field. main classification of electric motor is based on the supply voltage.

  1. AC motor
  2. DC motor

AC motors:

These type of motor operated on alternative current AC supply. further AC motor classified into different types. they are given below

  1. induction or asynchronous electric motor
  2. synchronous  electric motor

induction motor:

the induction electrical motor also called asynchronous electrical motor. these type of motor speed is depend on applying load. if the load increase then speed will be decrease. more over induction motors are widely used motor in the industrial and domestic applications.

further induction motor classified into two types,

  1. single phase induction motor
  2. three phase induction motor

single phase induction motor:

this single phase induction motor further classified into 4 different types

  1. shaded pole induction motor
  2. capacitor start induction motor
  3. capacitor start and run induction motor
  4. split phase induction motor

Three phase induction motor:

the three phase induction motor further classified into 2 types.

  1. squirrel cage induction motor
  2. slip ring induction motor

Synchronous electric motor:

This type of motor is also called constant speed motor. because the speed of the motor is does not depend on the load. if the load increase or decrease the speed of the motor remain constant. further this type of motor classified into two types.

  1. hysteresis synchronous motor
  2. reluctance synchronous motor.

DC Motor:

These type of motor operated in direct current supply DC. these type of motor further classified into three types.

  1. separately excited dc motor
  2. self excited dc motor
  3. permanent magnet motor

Self excited motor:

the self excited motor further classified into 3 types.

  1. series wound
  2. shunt wound
  3. compound wound





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