Collecting Oil Sample from Oil Immersed Transformer

Why we collect oil from transformer:

Generally we knows transformer is used to transfer the power supply from one place to another without changing the frequency. transformers playing vital role in the power generation and transformation areas. transformer also called static induction machine. because its working on induction principle. moreover oil is the important component of  transformer, oil is giving insulating strength to transformer. that’s why periodically we need to check the oil strength or insulation level is ok or not. that could be done by collecting oil sample from the transformer and doing some lab test.


transformer oil

How to collect oil from transformer:

the below procedure will give you how to collect oil from transformer,

  1. We should collect oil from sample point in the bottom side  of transformer. maximum we can take 1 or 2 litters from the transformer.
  2. Always that  skilled person should collect oil from the transformer.
  3. Before collecting oil sample we need to check the atmosphere climate, because rainy , fog, snow weather time don’t do this oil collecting process..
  4. We need to use neat and dry clean glass for collecting oil sample. some times we can use plastic bottles also but that plastic bottles should have capability to handled oil..
  5. Before collecting the sample oil we need to open that valve keep it some times to ensure that any contaminants are present.
  6. Now we can fix the bottle to sampling point and gradually collecting the oil and ensure that to avoid air bubbles in the oil.
  7. We have to collect the oil maximum up to 95% only.
  8. before close the bottle we need to ensure there will be no air bubbles present.
  9. Now we need to mention details in the label.
    • Transformer tag number and location
    • transformer Rating
    • transformer oil temperature during oil collecting time
    • oil collecting date
    • any other relevant details in the transformer


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