difference between squirrel cage and slip ring induction motor

Induction Motor:

Most widely used motor in the electrical field is induction motor. This motor is one of the type of AC motor. induction motor is basically running with asynchronous speed. that means speed of the motor is not constant. when ever load increased the speed of the induction motor is reduced. the induction motor speed is purely depend on the supply voltage and supply frequency.

3 phase induction motor:

These types of induction motor having self string and widely used in industrial purposes. these type of motor is very simple construction and cheaper and also less maintenance. further  phase induction motor is classified into 2 types.

a. slip ring induction motor

b. squirrel cage induction motor

Difference between slip ring and squirrel cage induction motor:

S.No Squirrel cage induction motor Slip ring induction motor
1. Cage motor is a type of induction motor. The rotor of the motor consists of the cylindrical laminated core having semi-closed slots and short circuit at each end by copper or aluminium ring is called short circuited ring. Wound rotor motor is a type of induction motor. The rotor windings are connected through slip rings to external resistances.
2. Rotor is form of bars, which are shorted with end rings. Rotor in the form of 3 phase winding
3. Simple constructions Construction is complicated
4 Starting torque is low Starting torque is high
5. Starting torque can’t be adjusted Starting torque can be adjusted through external resistance
6. Less maintenance required Frequent maintenance is required due to the use of slip rings and brush
7. Rotor resistance starter can’t be used Rotor resistance starter can be used
8. Speed control using rotor resistance control can’t be used. Speed control using rotor resistance control can be used.
9. Less rotor copper loss High rotor copper loss
10 High efficiency Low efficiency
11 Power factor is low Power factor is high
12 It is used for high starting torque and low starting current application It is used for low starting torque application
13 It is used in hoist, crane, elevator machine It is used in lath machine, fan, blower, and compressor.

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