What is Electrical Bus Bar System

Electrical Bus Bar system

Electrical Bus Bar system is a system where all incoming and outgoing feeders, lines, transformers are connected through isolator and breaker. The bus bar is used at all voltage level sub-stations and plants. And different types of bus-bar system are utilized as per requirement.

Electrical Bus Bar system

The selection of any bus bar system depends upon the following points:-

  1. Amount of flexibility required in operation.
  2. Immunity from total shut-down.
  3. Initial cost of the installation.
  4. Load handled by the bus bar.


The different type of bus bar system is given below:-

  1. Single bus bar system.

Electrical Bus Bar system

2.  Single Bus bar with sectionalization.

3. Main and Transfer Bus arrangement.

4.Double Bus Double Breakers

. Electrical Bus Bar system

5. Breaker and One-and-one-half system.

6. Ring mains system.

Electrical Bus Bar system

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