Factor to be Considered for Constructing a Generating Station

During planning of construction of generating station the following factors to be considered for economical generation of electrical power.

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  1. Easy availability of water for thermal power generating station.
  2. Easy availability of land for construction of power station including it’s staff township.
  3. For hydro power station there must be a dam on river. So proper place on the river must be chosen in such a way that the construction of the dam can be done in most optimum way.
  4. For thermal power station easy availability of fuel is one of the most important factors to be considered.
  5. Better communication for goods as well as employees of the power station also to be kept into consideration.
  6. For transporting very big spare parts of turbines, alternators etc, there must be wide road ways, train communication, and deep and wide river must pass away nearby the power station.
  7. For nuclear power plant, it must be situated in such a distance from common location so that there may be any effect from nuclear reaction the heath of common people.

Many other factors are also to be considered, but there are beyond the scope of our discussion.
All the factors listed above are very difficult to be available at load center. The power station or generating station must be situated where all the facilities are easily available. This place may not be necessarily at the load center. The power generated at generating station then transmitted to the load center by means of electrical power transmission system as we said earlier.

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