How to calculate KVAR for capacitor bank design

what is KVAR

KVAR is nothing but kilo volt ampere resistance. more over it is loss of energy in electrical system. we all are know in electrical system any electrical equipment while running time which is consider some losses. that los is called reactive power or KVAR.

reactive power(Q)= apparent power(S) – real power (P)

how KVAR affect power factor in industry

we need to maintain power factor for getting good efficiency of the equipment and reduce the electricity bill and avoiding penalty. in this case kvar is playing major role. if kvar is increase then power factor will be reduce. for that purpose we need to design capacitor panel to reduce it. 

how to calculate kvar for design

kvar= power( tan pi2-tan pi1)

using this formula to design kvar bank or capacitor bank.

for example:

we have load 1000KW and we maintain power factor 0.8 and we want to maintain power factor 0.92 then how much kvar panel we need to reduce kvar?

kvar = 1000 (tan pi2 – tan pi1)

we know cos pi1= 0.8 and cos pi2=0.92

pi1=cos-1(0.8) = 36.86   pi2= cos-1(0.92)= 23.07

kvar= 1000(tan 23.07 – tan36.86)

kvar= 330

so we can choose 350kvar panel to reduce reactive power and maintain power factor with 0.92

standard size of capacitor bank  5kvar,10kvar,15,20,25,50,100kvar.

selection of capacitor bank

80% variable capacitor and 20% fixed capacitor should used. Variable capacitor used to maintain power factor during load is connected Fixed capacitor used for to maintain power factor in no load condition.

Standard size of capacitor bank 5kvar,10kvar,15,20,25,30,40,50,100kvar

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