How to calculate solar panel watts for our home Electrical appliances

Solar panel :

Today we are going to  discussing about How much Watts Solar Panel will be Suitable for Home Electrical appliances? We can find it by very easy and simple example and explanation.

Suppose we want to power up 6 lights of 15 Watts and we need to use these 6 lights for 4 hours every day. So first we get a total Watts usage.


PTotal= 15 x 6 = 90Watts.

Than we multiply 90 Watts with 4 hours.

PDaily = 90 x 4 = 360 Watts.

We are going to use 360 Watts daily. Let us say we are going to have complete sunshine 6 hours each day.

Now we divide 360W with 6 hours,

so we will get hourly power charge that we need .So here will be hour power charge that we need (i.e.) watts of solar panel that we want for our electrical appliances.

PHourly = 360 / 6 = 60W.

So we need a 60 watt solar panel.

Key Point:

The above calculation is based on Ideal case. therefore it is recommended that always choose a panel some bigger then we need. Because when solar panel charges the battery so it is wasting some power on charging too due to losses.

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