How to connect DC battery charger in industrial

DC battery charger

First of all we should know dc battery charger or DC UPS both are same. The function of DC battery charger is to convert AC main supply into DC supply  and send to dc load  and also its store the dc supply into battery bank and whenever main supply is failed then the stored energy can be reused.

Block diagram for DC battery charger:

battery charger- electricalmastar

S3- selector switch

Q2- charger output isolator

P1 & P2 – charger input voltage & current

K100- earth fault monitor

Q1- charger input MCCB

P0- earth fault ammeter

T- Transformer

Q3- battery circuit isolator

P3 & P4 – charger output voltage & current

Q4- battery circuit breaker

A46- dropping diodes

K46- dropping diode shunt contacts

Q5- dc load main isolator

P5 & P6 – battery voltage & current


Working Principle:

The main 3phase  AC supply is connected to selector switch, and here we can check the 3 phase voltage and current readings. and further its connected to Q1 charger input MCCB. after that 3 phase supply is converted into 1 phase supply by transformer T . and then its connected to rectifier unit for converting AC supply into DC supply. then the output DC voltage and current you can check in P3 & P4 meter. then its connected to Q2 charger output isolator. after that its connected into K100 earth fault monitor and earth fault ammeter for earthing protection. and its further connected to battery circuit isolator here you can check the battery charging current & voltage in P5 & P6 meter.

and its further connected to battery circuit breaker and battery bank. the supply from the Q2 terminal is further connected into dropping diodes for smoothing output. and finally its connected into Q5 dc load main isolator.


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