How to Label Your Electrical Panel

How to Label Your Electrical Panel

Labeling your electrical panel can save time and confusion. You’ll be able to confidently control any area of your home or business with just the flip of a switch. Here are some tips from electrical crazy to make this process simple and safe!

 Knowing which areas of your home are serviced by which circuit breaker is crucial in case of an emergency. You never know when you might need to shut off the power.

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  • Take on the labeling project with a partner. Designate one person to flip the switches in each area, while the other is at the panel testing it. This is the most efficient process.
  • Buy some blank sticky labels to apply on each switch. It’s easier than taping individual papers.
  • First turn off every circuit in your home. Then turn on each one individually to note which light fixture turned on. Label the electrical panel accordingly.
  • Some sections of the electrical panel may not belong to one specific breaker. If this is the case, improper wiring could be the issue. Give  electrical crazy  a call if this happens!
  • Clothes dryers and washing machines, water heaters and ovens often require multiple breakers due to the high amount of power required to operate. Don’t be confused if this happens!
  • If you don’t want to write out the labels, numbering them is also a common system. It just depends on preference and what’s easiest for you.


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