Low Voltage Switchgear or LV Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

we all are know voltage range from 0 to 1000v its called low voltage. these low voltage can be handled by low voltage switchgear. the low voltage switchgear consists of feeders, incomers, disconnect fuses , protection relays and ON/OFF control switches. and the handling of low voltages in switchgear will be safely done by air circuit breakers and MCB, MCCB.

generally low voltage switchgear having the voltage is low and current rating is high. for switching operation there will be chance for arc flash over . so it will be eliminated by using ACB air circuit breaker because  air circuit breaker having air has arc quenching medium. and also air circuit breaker having high current rating and short circuit current capacity. for low voltage switchgear air circuit breaker is good for industrial purpose.

low voltage switchgear

Main components of low voltage switchgear:

The low voltage switchgear main components are given below,

  1. incoming feeder
  2. outgoing feeder
  3. bus coupler feeder
  4. protection relays
  5. circuit breakers
  6. Auto/Remote control switches


Incoming feeder:

the incomer feeder is one of the main components of low voltage switchgear. the incomer feeder connect supply  from transformer to switchgear. mostly the incomer feeders having dual input, that means normal low voltage switchgear having two main incomer supply for safety purpose incase either one will failure also we can run the switchgears. the incoming feeder also having other features incase any problem in transformer the incomer automatically trip and protect the connecting equipment’s. and its having high current carrying capacity. and also having high short circuit current capacity.


outgoing feeder

generally the outgoing feeders getting supply from incomer feeder of low voltage switchgear. there are different types of outgoing feeders are there. motor outgoing feeder, lighting feeder, power DB feeder, welding socket feeder like that. the outgoing feeder in the low voltage switchgear also having lot of futures.

  1. Auto / manual control for on/off switches in the low voltage switchgears
  2. downstream protection to connecting load
  3. earthing disconnect switches
  4. high current rating fuses
  5. easy accessible circuit breakers


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