The main causes of voltage drop in generator

Generator voltage drop causes:

Generally we all are know generator voltage drop is mainly depend on the speed and frequency of the generator system. here we will see about some causes of generator voltage drops

1). Main case of voltage drop in generator is applied load, the load applying in generator always should be lesser then generator capacity. if the load more then generator capacity then it leads to drop the voltages in generator and also it drop the speed of the generator.

2). AVR Voltage gain set too low to retort to load being applied.

3). mostly under voltage and overcurrent trip occur due to AVR feedback is too far from bus VT . and it make the excitation loss.

parallel dg
4). if speed control setting is not properly set depends on load applying then it leads to generator trip.

5). mechanical issues such as oil filter and air filter not working properly means it will not maintain the air pressure to the air intake system during peak load condition. then there will be chance for voltage drop and speed of the generator also reduce as well as frequency of the generator also reduced.

Image result for generator failure

6). Last but least point is loose connection of cable in the output terminal will case the generator voltage drop.


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