Why Numerical Relay over Electromechanical Relay

What is Relay:

Generally we all are knows relay is used to protect the electrical equipment from abnormal condition. there are different types of relay used in electrical field. some of the relay like over voltage, over current protection , under voltage protection, earth fault protection. earlier days we are used mechanical relay and also we used individual relay for each protection of the equipment. but now a days the advance numerical relays are coming and single relay having multiple protections. here we will see what are the advantages using numerical relay over mechanical relay.

Advantages of Numerical relays

There are multiple advantages using numerical relays. we will see one by one here

1.      Compact Size

the numerical relay having compact size compared to electro mechanical relays, the electro mechanical relays having lot of components, including flag systems. whenever the rely is activate the  flag also activated. but numerical relay is having LCD to indicate the alarm and relay activation. and mechanical relay required more electrical wiring but numerical relay required very less wiring.

2.      Flexibility

the single numerical relay is having multiple protection systems. so what ever the protection system we want to do activate by simply adding software to the system. but the mechanical required each relay for each protection and modification also very difficult. A

3.      Reliability

the numerical relays are good reliability and chances of failure is very less compared to mechanical relays.

4.      Multi Function Capability

the numerical relay can control multiple functions at a time compared to electro mechanical relay having maximum one control per relay.

5.      Different types of relay characteristics

the numerical relay is having microprocessor control system so it can be easily adjust the required characteristics needed for the equipments. but mechanical relay is having single characteristics.

6.      Digital communication capabilities

the numerical relay is having the microprocessor based control systems so it can be easily communicate with computer or laptop communication system.

7.      Modular frame

the numerical relays are having simple hardware. so it can be easily service.

8.      Low burden

the numerical relays are having microprocessor control systems so the heating of equipment is very less compared to mechanical relays.

9.      Sensitivity

it is having great sensitivity and good pickup ratio.

10.  Speed

the numerical relay is having very less tripping times compared to mechanical relays.

11.  Fast Resetting

Resetting also very  less time required.

12.  Data History

the numerical relay having system stored  each fault records, types of fault, nature of fault, fault timing, fault present duration, etc..



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