Safety precaution for Electrical works

Every step we need to consider about hazards when perform electrical works. Only competent electrician can work on electrical installation or live condition according to relevant industrial safety standards. Common industrial safety standard for electrical works such as VDE 0105 for Germany, and international standards for EN 50110 or IEC 60364. For electrician, they need to special tools which have been tested and qualified with electrical standard. Hand tools also must suitable and followed the electrical standard  IEC 60900 and it has specified worldwide requirements for tools for electrical live condition.

electrical safety

Introduction of Electrical Safety Precaution.

To get this certificated qualification, it must through the routine tested up to 10,000 volts to check their dielectric strength. The main purpose is to ensure it safe when touching live parts up to 1,000 VAC.

This time I want shared about basic safety precaution for electrical works. I hope it can be a basic guide line when we works for electrical installation. Below are listed some safety instruction :-

  • Perform routine inspection before start any works to ensure the hand tools insulation condition and discard any defective tools.
  • Make sure and  keep your insulated hand tools in proper condition.
  • Perform JSA ( Job Safety Analysis ) before start electrical task and consider hazard that maybe found at working area.
  • Always wear PPE ( personnel protective equipment ) such as electrical safety boot, safety glass, safety helmet, VDE glove or etc.
  • We need to make sure your working area in good condition with clean and orderly when you are working live.
  • Use the right tools and suitable with your working condition. Always use VDE tools and it follow international standard.
  • Make sure that loose parts and cut-off ends of cables do not all onto live parts.
  • When perform electrical task, it must done minimum by two person in one time.
  • Don’t play at working area during electrical jobs is perform.

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