Single phase wiring diagram for home


Distribution board wiring

It is very important for controlling the E wiring. For this post i designed a diagram about distribution wiring, we can called this circuit breaker or controlling fuse box. In the diagram is shown the method of wiring distribution main board form utility pole to Energy meter and then DP circuit breaker and SP MCB breaker.
However we study all step by step distribution board wiring below, as we talking about the distribution main board diagram, first see this.


How to Distribution Board Wiring for Single phase Wiring with DP MCB, SP MCB, earth, voltmeter, ammeter for Home wiring

In the above diagram i shown the complete method of wiring, i wired an energy meter after that a double pole and then single pole breakers for each room or each point of circuit load. The main reason of this board in E wiring is that we can control the complete wiring form this place. That’s why we can called him the main circuit breaker box. In above image i provide the complete instruction which needed however lets do study some parts with details.

Energy meter wiring

In the above diagram i taken electric supply form utility pole to single phase energy meter and then i get supply to them distribution main board.

Double Pole Circuit Breaker

In the main board i first wired the double pole or DP MCB circuit breaker. MCB means Miniature Circuit breaker.

Single Pole MCB breaker

In the above distribution board wiring diagram i wired 8 single pole breakers in which some are for low ampere (10A) and some are for high ampere or load which are 20A.

Electrical Cables

For different load we use different types of electrical cables, and in every electrical project we use the cables size regarding the load. For example for Air conditioner we use the 4 mm cable which is very good for this, however if we use 2.5 mm then it’s will not good for all time.
In the above diagram i sown electrical cable with it’s size in mm in which are 6mm or 8mm, 4mm, 2.5mm and 1.5mm electrical cables.

Electrical Connectors

Connector done his duty very well in E wiring, this the easy and compatible way of getting connection or joints in electrical wiring. My suggestion is that use always connector in main distribution board wiring.

Earth Connection

Earth connection is very important in electrical wiring/ electrical technology. In the above diagram is shown earth symbol and i shown that how to do wiring of earth or earthing.

Ampere Meter and CT Coil

Ampere meter is very important in distribution board because this device shown the total current (Ampere) getting the complete circuit or the load of complete circuit. I shown in the above diagram that how to wire a ammeter with CT current transformer, however for better understanding visit the below link.
How to wire ammeter with Current transformer CT coil?
Volt meter / Voltage Meter
I also shown the wiring of volt meter in main D board. In main D circuit breaker board volt meter is very important connection because this make us know about the receiving voltage to circuit. Also read below.
How to wire voltmeter for single phase supply?
Indicator Bulb
This indicators make the main board beautiful and easy to know about receiving electric supply, if the main board supply start the indicator show the supply by glowing bulb.

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