Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology

what is Solar Cell

Generally solar cell consists of photo voltaic cell. solar cell observe the solar lights into electrical energy. There are three types of solar cells available in the market. first one is mono crystalline and second one is poly crystalline. mono crystalline is having high efficiency and cost also very high compared to poly crystalline and temperature tolerance is between 0% -5% and life cycle span between 25-30 years. poly crystalline is having less efficiency and cost also low compared to mono crystalline. and poly crystalline temperature tolerance is between -5% -5% and life cycle span between 20-25 years.

solar cell

As per requirement these solar cell is used in the different applications. Main component of solar cell is  semiconductor material. most widely used semi conductor material for making solar cell is silicon. generally silicon cell is  maximum available in the earth. the silicon material is normally mixed with sand.  the separation of silicon material from the sand is very costly. lot of equipment’s and efforts needed for this process.  so  the scientist people continuously researching the new techniques for the process of silicon separation  from the sand without affect the performance of solar cell.

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Thin Film Solar Cell

thin film solar cell is modern technologies solar cell which is available in the market  with low price. compared to other solar cell the thin film solar cell having 5-6 % efficiency, temperature tolerance -3% to 3%  and also life time availability is 15-20 years

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most important solar technology is now a days used for major power renewable sources. most of the countries now stating the harvesting of solar power. most of the countries installed the solar cell in sea and hills station areas.

Application of solar cell:

solar cell is used in different applications,

  1. Electric fence
  2. street light
  3. electric cars
  4. electric bikes
  5. portable power supply
  6. satellite communications
  7. non polluted to environmental

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