Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity

 when ever solar cells is observe the solar lights then solar cell convert solar energy into solar electricity. the main components of solar cell is photo voltaic cell or pv cell.Now a days solar cell is most widely used power generating source in the world.

Principles of Solar Electricity

the principle of solar electricity is purely depend on the photo voltaic cell. generally photo voltaic cell is consists of silicon semi conductor material. the semiconductor material having two layers p and n layers. semiconductor p n junctions produced the electricity from sun light. the working of solar cell is explain by below digram.

solar electricity

when the solar cell fixed in the ground. the solar cell is having semiconductor material silicon. the semiconductor material having two layer p and n junctions. when ever sun lights hitting to the solar panel. the electrons in the p layers is move to n layer due to the chemical reaction. and this reaction in the solar cell produced the electricity in the output terminal. generally the output of the solar cell is DC directing current nature. further it will be converted into AC alternating current by some special electronic equipment’s inverter then its connected to general applications.

Installation of solar panel:

The main important is installation of solar panel in right place.  when ever we install the solar panel that place should be clear from trees and other building shadows. because it will affect the solar cell performance. we always keep in mind installing solar panel in top of the building is good if its install for home purpose. if its open area installation we should consider shadow of other solar panels. we need to give adequate place for the installations.

Uses of solar electricity:

the solar electricity is used in world wide applications. the major application of solar power is to produce the green power to the world. so it is produced noise less power and non pollution power to the environments.
now a days solar widely used in industrial and housing purpose also.



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