Static Electricity and How It Affects Business Electronics and Data

what is Static Electricity

Image result for static electricityFirst we should understand what is static electricity .generally we are feel that we touch some metal plates or car doors  or wearing jacket to get minor shock. some times we all are playing with minor shock in our younger age. but we never expect this small minor shock some times its produced high voltage to kill the humans. here we will discuss about that static electricity and how it will affect humans and other electronic equipment’s.

Potentially Dangerous Static Shocks

the static electricity generally its present in all over the world. but some countries its having higher in the presence. the static electricity generally winter season time its highly present. for example if you touch your cloth or your jacket during winter season you will feel small shock. that time we feel it was fun but we don’t know the enormous danger behind this static electricity. in case if we are filling petrol for our vehicle in petrol station during that time the small electric park is enough to make big fire. and also if the static electricity produced in the flight may be it make big fire crash.

Static Electricity and Electronics

Image result for static electricitythe static electricity will affect the electronic components also. we all are know the electronic components all are very sensitive. if there is any fluctuations in the supply side definitely it will affect the operation of electronic components. for  example computer, ups, inverter, other sensitive healthcare equipment’s all are working very sensitively. because of this static electricity it will affect the performance of electronic equipment’s



How to eliminate static electricity:

the following steps will give the elimination of static electricity

  • for any electrical equipment’s in our home should be properly earthed. like power db, lighting db should be connected to earthing to avoid static electricity.
  • better to wear shoes when ever we are going outside because shoes having insulator to protect the direct connection of our body to earth.
  • for electronics equipment places should be clear from plastic and other polystyrene material because these materials having static nature.
  • for cleaning electronic equipment’s always using anti static sprays.
  • install anti static carpet in vehicle to prevent static electricity
  • home power supply sockets should be have surge arrester to protect the static electricity.



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