Alternator basic characteristics- what we needs to know.

Alternator Rating: Alternators are rated according to the voltage they are designed to produce and the maximum current they are capable of providing. The maximum current that can be supplied by an alternator depends upon the maximum heating loss that can be sustained in the armature. This heating loss (which is an I2R power loss)…

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alternator alignment

How to Do Alternator alignment with prime mover

Alternator alignment with the prime mover is very important. With a little misalignment there will be severe vibration that will cause mechanical breakdown of structure. The alignment is needed for both to machines with either flexible or rigid couplings. Alignment procedure for machines ┬áThe alignment procedure is different for machines from different manufacturer. It is…

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Difference between Alternator & Generator

Alternator Vs Generator Alternators and generators are two devices which generate electricity. Both alternators and generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. An alternator can be called a type of generator. Although both these devices serve the same function, they are quite different in every other aspect. An alternator is a charging system for cars…

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