Capacitors in Series and Parallel

Capacitor in Series and Parallel: Generally we knows capacitor is nothing but two charging plates separated by insulating medium. and capacitor used for storage device and also used for filter purpose. there are different types of capacitors used in the electrical field for different applications.  Here we are going to see about how to add capacitor…


Working Principle of a capacitor

Definition of Capacitor Capacitor is a passive electronic component or device capable of storing charge with a certain voltage level across two conducting plates or surfaces, separated by an insulating material or dielectric substance. Capacitor is constructed by using two conducting surfaces or plates and an insulating material (i.e. Dielectric like mica, paper, air etc.)…


Capacitor Voltage Transformer CVT

In high and extra high voltage transmission systems, capacitor voltage transformers (CVTs) are used to provide potential outputs to metering instruments and protective relays. In addition, when equipped with carrier accessories, CVTs can be used for power line carrier (PLCC) communication. The details of CVT is given below:- Capacitor stack The capacitor stack is a…

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