parallel dg

Generate three phase power by 3 single phase generators?

Many installation sites need electric power for construction activities. When the site not large all construction equipments are powered with single phase supply. Such single phase DG sets may be available. Site gets single phase supply from utilities for construction. A new construction equipment requires a three phase supply. We have three DG sets of…

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generator troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for generator

Brief introduction The following problems listed below are provided the following: Known problems Possible causes of the known problems Repair to correct the known problems Fault diagnosis ¬† 1). When the starting switch is in the (ON) position, the engine crankshaft does not rotate. Possible causes: 1. Low battery output voltage Check the battery status…

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generator_protection system

Generator Protection System

Generator Protection: A generator is subjected to electrical traces imposed on the insulation of the machine, mechanical forces acting on the various parts of the machine, and temperature rises. These are the main factors which make protection necessary for the generator or alternator. Even when properly used, a machine in its perfect running condition does…

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Difference between Alternator & Generator

Alternator Vs Generator Alternators and generators are two devices which generate electricity. Both alternators and generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. An alternator can be called a type of generator. Although both these devices serve the same function, they are quite different in every other aspect. An alternator is a charging system for cars…

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types of generator

Types of Generator available in electrical field

Generator is the important power supply equipment to generated electricity. Without electricity, we cannot operated machinery, equipment, lighting, computer and others device for our living. For general power supply, power distributor normally used the high capacity of generator to supply the electricity to the consumer. It different size for backup power supply that used for…

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Backup Generator or UPS for Your Business?

Backup Generator or UPS for Your Business? There are few things that are more disruptive to a business than interrupted power supply. Whether your business relies on computers alone or complex machinery, it cannot operate without power. In areas where¬†power failures, blackout or brownouts are common, or where equipment uptime is critical at all times,…

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