generator_protection system

Generator Protection System

Generator Protection: A generator is subjected to electrical traces imposed on the insulation of the machine, mechanical forces acting on the various parts of the machine, and temperature rises. These are the main factors which make protection necessary for the generator or alternator. Even when properly used, a machine in its perfect running condition does…

motor protection system

Motor Protection System

The electric motor is most essential drive in modern era of industrialization. From fractional HP AC motor used for different home appliances to giant synchronous motor and induction motor of up to 10,000 HP are used for different industrial applications. It should be protected against different electrical and mechanical faults for serving their purposes smoothly. The motor…

lightning protection

What is Lightning? How to Protect it?

What is a lightning? Lightning is formed when clouds become charged by static electricity. Positive and negative charges are located in the extreme sides of the cloud creating an Electric field, when a high value is achieved a spark takes place forming a pathway where charges move on, sorting out them and removing the potential…

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