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How to Make Party String Lights using Solar power

The complete construction details of solar powered string lights using a simple charging circuit, a few rechargeable pencil cells, and a small portable solar panel. Learn more in this easy-to-understand article about how to make your own simple solar powered string lights. Solar cells: expose them to sunlight or in fact any light and they…

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How to get free electricity in your Home?

How to get free electricity in your Home?   Nowadays the cost of electricity is more and it will be increase in future also. so how to save our electric bills?. Its quite simple, there are different way available in the world to limit our electricity bills. Some of the useful way given below, 1….

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Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity  When sunlight strikes on photo-voltaic solar cells, solar electricity is produced. That is why this is also referred to as Photo Voltaic Solar, or PV Solar. Principles of Solar Electricity Generation of electricity by using solar energy depends on the photo voltaic effect. In photo voltaic effect, semiconductor p n junction produces electric potentia when it is exposed to sunlight. For that…

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