inverter connection

How To Connect UPS & Inverter to Battery and To AC Supply

Nowadays in some countries load shedding¬†is a big problem like India. And these countries peoples use UPS / Inverter for emergency electric supply to use his electrical equipment’s. For ups inverter we connect the a DC battery which provide us backup. Inverter ups battery connection diagram and it’s connection method is two simple and easy,…

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Uninterruptible power supply UPS

What is Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) UPS is an electrical machine that provides emergency power to appliances for a short duration of time when power supply fails. It does this backup with the aid of internal batteries installed in the UPS.The primary purpose of UPS is for data protection in the effect of sudden power…

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Backup Generator or UPS for Your Business?

Backup Generator or UPS for Your Business? There are few things that are more disruptive to a business than interrupted power supply. Whether your business relies on computers alone or complex machinery, it cannot operate without power. In areas where¬†power failures, blackout or brownouts are common, or where equipment uptime is critical at all times,…

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