Types of Electrical loads

The types of electrical loads depends on the multiple factor. so based on the factor we can classified as follows

1.General loads

2.Critical loads

3. Essential loads

4. Non-Essential loads

General loads

There are two types of electrical load in industrial facilities shall be categorised following,

  1. Dynamic loads which consists of electric motors driving rotating equipment.

 motor electrical loads


2. Static loads which consists of non moving types of electric equipment such as lighting, heating, supplies to rectifier.

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Critical loads

These are the loads prime important to the safety of the installation and operational staff which require power to permit the safe shutdown of the plant in an emergency. These shall be generally connected with No break supplies(UPS or Battery charger). backed up with emergency generator.the critical load some examples are PCS, ESD system, E-SCADA system, F & G system, CCTV/ monitoring system, BMS, power supply for IRP, power supply for telecommunication system etc..

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Essential loads

These are loads whose power loss would affect continuity of operation, resulting in loss of production I export operation, but would not result in an unsafe situation. Standby generator sets shall be provided to cater for these loads.

Non-Essential loads

Non-essential loads are those which do not form a part of production or process plant and its disconnection is only of minimal or nuisance value. these usally have a single power source and normally not backed up by any generator. some of the non-essential loads are below,

power supply for minor office building, workshops, store in remote area, CP system etc..




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