What is battery & Working Principle of Batteries

What is Battery

Generally we all are know electrical energy is produced by different sources. like solar , wind, water , gas, coal, steam and chemical. these all are renewable and non renewable resources to produce the electrical energy. battery is one of the power producing source. battery is basically having chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. usually batteries having different chemical like lead acid, alkaline, nickel cadmium, lithium iron battery.

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Types of Battery

battery is having different types,

  1. primary battery
  2. secondary battery

Primary Battery:

These type of battery is single time use only. the primary battery is can not be recharged. This types of battery is available in different voltages from 1.5v, 3.5v and 9 v like that. and also its having very small size batteries.

Secondary Battery:

These type of battery is multiple use. secondary battery is can be recharge and it will be useful for multiple times. this type of battery available in different voltages from 12v, 24v and 48v . The size of the battery is very big.

Working Principle of battery:

The battery is working in the principle of chemical chain reaction. generally the batteries having main component is electrode and electrolyte. the electrolyte is generally having chemical liquids like lead acid, nickel cadmium , lithium iron. the electrode is having anode and cathode. anode act as positive and cathode act like negative terminal.  the two electrode is separated by electrolyte. The below diagram will give you working principle of battery.

what is battery

when ever we connect battery to power supply for charging purpose that time the electron is flow from positive terminal to negative terminal this process is called oxidation and same time discharging  time  the electron flow from negative to positive terminal is called reduction.

The charging time charging current of the battery is purely depend on the types and size of the battery. so big capacity of battery is required high charging current for charging purpose.

Application Of battery:

  1. battery used in the emergency loads
  2. battery used in car,bike and other vehicles
  3. battery used in inverter, ups
  4. battery used industrial purposes





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