what is electric car and how electric car working

what is Electric car – how electric car working:

in the modern world most advanced technique used to made this electric vehicles. mostly electric car working by electrical motor instead of mechanical engine. the electric car main running source is battery. main advantage of electric car is high performance, no noise, no pollution to environment, low maintenance and driving cost, single speed transmission, high torque & power.

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The main components of electric car is classified below,

  1. Battery
  2. Inverter
  3. induction motor
  4. gear box transmission

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How electric car  working:

The electric car is working as like how electric motor is working, generally the battery is stored the  electricity then that electricity is connected to most advanced electronic component inverter. here inverter doing crucial rule for controlling the speed of the motor. inverter is the heart of electric car.

inverter is convert the DC power into AC power and its feed into induction motor. the main advantage of electric car is induction motor because induction motor having 90% efficiency in over all the speed compared to IC engines.

most of IC engines having 30% efficiency only in varying different speed operation. you can understand these things by below graphs,

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The battery is main source to run the electric car. generally electric car using battery pack is lithium iron cell. the battery pack is connected 7000 cell series and parallel connection to form battery back. these small cell of battery give large power to run the electric car 70  to 100 miles. because of these choosing small battery cell producing less heat source so the efficiency and life cycles also high.

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the power transfer from inverter to motor and motor start rotate with high efficiency 90%. the output of the motor is connected into driving wheels by gear transmission. the main role for gear transmission is speed control. in electric car motor output is connected into 2 gear transmission.

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1st gear transmission used to speed control purpose

2nd gear transmission is differential purpose.

Reversing of car also very simple by changing the phase sequence of the motor. main advantage of electric car is regenerative breaking system. you know electric car is control by single accelerator pedal. whenever pedal is pressed the motor get power to drive the vehicles.

whenever pedal is released the motor is immediately cut the power to drive wheels. and rotor of the motor is rotated by drive wheels and its act like generator so its produced power stator side. that power is connected to battery for charging purpose.

Battery Charging

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Charging of the battery is given by separate charging port. full charging of the battery is need 6 hours if your using normal home supply. incase if your using designed charging station its required few minutes only.

Disadvantage of electric car:

1.The  main disadvantage of electric car is High cost compare to normal cars.

2. The  battery charging station  is limitedly available.

3. If your charging with normal house charging then it will take more hours to charge.







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