Electrical Transformer

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About Course

This is the FREE online Electrical course from the ELECTRICAL MASTAR website. so you could learn everything about Electrical Transformer. and if you are studying or working person and you would like to make your carrier path electrical field then this is right course to explore your skills into expert level.


This course you will learn about complete things about ELECTRICAL POWER TRANSFORMERS. this course will provide basic concept of transformer and how transformer is working and how Faraday’s law is applicable in transformer. what are the major components in transformer and what is of that components. what are the different types of transformer available in electrical power system and where those transformers are used.

moreover this course will cover you about complete study of electrical transformer and this course more suitable for students and working professional in electrical field

so checkout this course today and learning more about Electrical Transformer in very short period.

electricalmastar transformer course

What Will I Learn?

  • complete knowledge about Transformer
  • Fundamentals about Transformer
  • Transformer different protection concept understanding
  • Transformer uses in commercial & industrial

Topics for this course

4 Lessons01h 05m

Electrical Transformer?

This course will provide you about basics of electrical transformer, and transformer ratio,losses and efficiency calculation, also major components of transformer and different types of transformer
Transformer Basics0:42
Transformer Ratio, Losses & Efficiency9:02
Major components of Transformer14:58
Different types of Transformer8:53

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I really appreciate and it's really useful for me


Material Includes

  • 4 lesson of course video included


  • basic electrical skills
  • students
  • working professional

Target Audience

  • electrical field working person,
  • engineering students