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SkyDrive teens to Try Paid Dropbox Sync

Dropbox Sync :
Slated for release on June 15, Microsoft will replace its free online storage service Dropbox by providing all users with the SkyDrive online storage service for one month of freeuntu. SkyDrive will be replaced with Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive which will allow file sharing and synchronized files among devices. SkyDrive will not only launch a cloud-based music store, but it will also allow synchronised emails, texts, and social networks plus the option to add contacts, calendar, and to set up web search across your social contacts. Additionally, you will be able to access and sort through all your files from one portal. Additionally, you will be able to 25GB of free online storage via SkyDrive, and on top of this, you will be able to access and save your files via Net Explorer.

SkyDrive, which will be fully backed up by Microsoft, will enable you to integrate your emails, messages, and social profile information from all your devices. Windows Live SkyDrive will essentially be a sync drive that can be accessed from any other Microsoft device and will be fully backed up on in the cloud, keeping all the data in stone.

SkyDrive, who will allow up to 100GB online storage to start at $1.99 a month, will enable you to instantly sync SkyDrive with Pocket PC Online, Zune, and Smart phone. All the information on your social accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter will be at the SkyDrive. Simply plug in your Xbox 360 and your copies of these social profiles into the SkyDrive to access your information and services.

The reason behind this is that the new cloud sync feature will allow you to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft’s live office. You don’t have to plug in, or go searching for your cloud sync profile, in order to access your services. It’ll be fully integrated with your desktop, and you can literally locate an icon, tip, or feature to sync your services to your desktop while in your home office. This will also allow you to access your SkyDrive while you’re on the beach, at a meeting, or sitting at a restaurant. No fuss, no delays, and all the time-saving benefits of web-based cloud storage will be within your control.

The other cool feature of SkyDrive is its ability to integrate with your Windows Live Messenger. You can set up password-protected sections of SkyDrive to log in to and automatically upload your files to your social networks at their specified times, days, and days. This feature will help increase the number of people using Microsoft’s instant office access and SkyDrive integration, and it will also help increase the usage of the cloud overall. correctly sets up with a SkyDrive account and Microsoft services, and you can set up a profile and upload documents to your SkyDrive.

SkyDrive is simply stunning and it will change the way you make files and save them. Not only will you be able to instantly upload and share files, but you will be able to collaborate with others in your office, share ideas, and edit your files together. After a quick web-browser search, you will be able to locate all of your SkyDrive documents and sharing. All of your documents, pictures, and other stuff will be safely stored online with Microsoft and available to you anytime you need them, but you’ll also be able to quickly access your sharing whenever you need them as well.

I think the reasons behind this are numerous, and as a result, SkyDrive is going to be a hit. Preorder it today and you’ll be able to download it into your computer a month after the release.


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