Truth About Internet Security

How Don’t Get Caught Uttering the Truth About Internet Security

Truth About Internet Security :
Website security is a shared responsibility between a web hosting provider and you. In other words, if you want to make sure that no one can break into your site, you have to make sure that your hosting company does everything they can to ensure security. Of course, this involves a lot of hard work being done by people whose only reward for all their hard work is to make your life so hard that you want to catch your self up and close the account. But not all credit for this rests upon the companies shoulders.

It is ultimately down to each one of us to keep our servers safe from being attacked. Unfortunately, this only becomes possible through a combination of individual action and correct planning. Just remember that if you are going to put in place all the safety precautions, you also need to believe that they will work.

Don’t get caught out

By now we all know that if you get an email asking you for your personal details, never click on the link. But why would anyone send you an email asking for this information? For one, they have an interest in collecting data and they want to know if you are a likely victim. Just as importantly, they may be looking to Dead Screens , or even worse, Cleaning staff. If you have been a victim of a scam before, the odds are that you have already caught a bullet with your IP address.

But now that you have been warned, don’t develop a false sense of security. The web is full of loopholes that can be easily exploited. Remember that compromise is always just around the corner. The only way to guarantee your safety is to practice common sense and be aware of the potential harm that easy internet access can cause.

As we have discussed, the dangers of the web cannot be Overstated and they are certainly becoming a major threat in the daily lives of many Cyber-savvy Adults and Children alike.

Safe internet surfing apps

There is a plethora of safe internet surfing apps around when it comes to protecting your child from online threats such as:

While a lot of these apps do require a one time payment to download, they are certainly worth it. Think of it as a tax on your computer monthly so don’t be scared away from these apps once your child has paid.

Monitoring your child’s internet activities

These days, a lot of parents tend to want to check their child’s internet activities on a regular basis. If you let them surf the web without proper parental supervision, you are already breaking the rules. Even if you are not aware of it, you are being indirectly monitored. Parents usually bribe their children to allow them to use the internet which usually involves sending them inappropriate emails and messages, along with searching for porn sites etc.

Above all, parents should not allow their child to freely search the web without proper supervision. Either they sign up for a suitable internet monitoring service which will let you know what they are doing online at home, or you should buy and install an internet monitoring software that will track down what your child is doing online.

Many people believe that monitoring your child’s internet activities is a bad idea. But if you really want to keep your child safe, you can choose to use the right software to keep you abreast of their activities online.


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